As the air gets crisp and the moon shines brighter, the King and His Court embark on another grand adventure. Bring their devil-may-care spirit with you — whether your realm is backyard bonfires or reclining thrones…it’s your turn to live like a king.

Meet the Court

RULE ON 2023: Carmel Pumking, The King’s New Champion!

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Find Pumking in Your Realm




Welcome to Pumkingdom—a land fueled by the magical powers of pumpkin flavor, where potions, spells and creatures meet mystery, mischief, and liquid sorcery. It is also here where the masters of the 5 Flavor Realms reside led by the great Pumking. His royal highness dubbed each member of His Family, the royal court, a protector of a realm.

The Pumkingdom is a jovial and jubilant commonwealth. Its denizens work hard and pay tribute to the power of the Great Pumking Patch which has magic that powers its machinery, ensures protection of the realms and provides everything one would need to live a life full of merriment. With the support of the Great Pumking Patch, there is much time to enjoy festivals, parties, contests, and most importantly some serious Pumking crafted beer and spirits.


Each realm has its own unique strength, ultimately coming together as one universe and uniting its citizens as one Pumkingdom.

To the North, in the Warlock Realm, Warlock dabbles in the “dark arts.” This mischievous conjurer uses his magic and fiery furnaces to provide roasty toasty malty warmth. Folks that live in this realm love gathering around the fire on a cold and crisp night to watch Warlock perform one of his realm-renown magic shows complete with a Styx cover band.

In the Cold Brew Realm to the West, Cold Brew, always awake for the job, tils his lands not only for the Great Pumking Patch but also for an experimental dancing bean that he adds to his beverages. It provides an energized experience for all the townsfolks. Festivals go late when Cold Brew is around.

Heading East to the Nitro Realm, Pumking Nitro – the smooth-talking sibling, likes to keep things cool with just a hint of intensity. In this realm, the commoners enjoy a not-so-common rich and decadent lifestyle. This realm became famous for harnessing the power of tiny bubbles which, alongside the Great Pumking Patch, help smoothly operate the realms mass transit system

To the South, things move a little differently. While fizzy bubbles may be good enough for the other realms, sometimes it doesn’t get the job done. Pumking Whiskey, always in high spirits, tends to take things up a notch. He rules with such a strength and powerful punch, he leaves little for people to do! So, they party.

Located in the center is Pumking, the founder of the Pumkingdom, who sits on his throne ensuring that all libations in every realm are fit for His loyal Pumkingdonians. He is beloved by many, envied by his enemies, and when the time is right, he uses the extraordinary power of The Great Pumking Patch to spread ultimate flavor to everything it touches. As the commander-in-chief to the flavor realms, he ensures His kingdom is a rich and vibrant land fit with the best life has to offer.


King and Cola
King & Cola

  • Ice
  • 2oz Pumking Whiskey
  • 4oz Coca-Cola
  • Chilled collins glass
Fill the glass with ice and add the whiskey and Coca-Cola. Stir and serve. Enjoy!

PKW Mule
PKW Mule

  • Ice
  • 2oz Pumking Whiskey
  • 4oz Ginger Beer
  • 1 lime wedge for garnish
  • Copper Mug
Fill the mug with ice and add the whiskey and ginger beer. Stir and garnish with the lime. Enjoy!


  • 2oz Pumking Whiskey
  • .5oz Heavy Cream
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Ice cubes
  • Martini, Coupe, or other Stemmed Cocktail Glass
Combine the whiskey and heavy cream in a shaker and shake with ice cubes for about 10 seconds. Strain into the cocktail glass. Sprinkle the ground cinnamon on top. Enjoy!

The King Abides
The King Abides

  • Ice
  • 2oz Pumking Whiskey
  • 1oz STDC Vodka
  • 1oz Coffee liqueur (Kahlua)
  • .5oz Heavy Cream
  • Chilled rocks glass
Combine the whiskey, vodka, and coffee liqueur in a shaker and shake with ice cubes for about 10 seconds. Dirty pour into the glass. Top with more ice and float the heavy cream on top. Enjoy!

A Date with Pumking

  • 2oz Pumking Whiskey
  • .5oz Date Nectar
  • 5 dashes Orange Bitters
  • Large ice cubes
  • Wide swath of orange peel for garnish
  • Chilled old-fashioned glass
Combine the whiskey, date nectar, and bitters in a mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain over fresh ice into an old-fashioned glass. Twist the peel over the surface of the cocktail, rub the rim of the glass with the peel, and drop in the drink. Enjoy!

Previously In the Pumking Realm

It’s a crisp fall morrow in Pumkingdom...

As Pumking, Cold Brew, and Nitro prep for their guest of honor, the esteemed Pumking Whiskey! Where’s the ever-scheming Warlock? Shouldn’t he be cooking something up by now?

Ah, Warlock is busy, deep in his secret chambers, conjuring up something truly mystical for the Pumking Whiskey Welcome (as he is known to do). But what’s this?! The potion is bubbling like mad, frothing out of his cauldron and filling the air with smoke. This isn’t right. The great Warlock, in danger?

In search of Warlock, the King and His Court travel north to the mischievous sorcerer's realm where magic and fiery furnaces provide roasty toasty malty warmth.

When the gang arrives at Warlock's chamber, they notice an experiment going awry!

Whiskey tries to put it out, knocking over the cauldron, but its magic envelops them and spirals the court to an unknown world.

After being pulled on through to the other side, Pumking and his court find themselves in a mysterious void.

They see something familiar yet unfamiliar. It's like looking into a delicious mirror but something is off? How will they return to Pumkingdom?!

Something felt off and the gang knew they needed to get back to Pumkingdom. They harnessed what little pumpkin magic they could source from afar to return. While the King and His Court were away, the entire realm became completely void of what fuels it – pure & delicious pumpkin flavor. What are our heroes to do?

To restore flavor back to the five realms, Pumking and his court had to do what they do best...RULE ON 👑