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What is Flavor Funk?

This crazy world’s got us all stuck in a rut. A slump. A funk. It stops here. It’s time to stop this rut dead in its track. It‘s time to reach back within, and grab that moxie, that flair, that swagger that you’ve always rocked! It’s time to Bring the Flavor.

In everything you do. From your dating game to bar league hockey to your work rep. Let’s take it over the top. To the next level. With Southern Tier.

Bring the Flavor.

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Guy Beer is the flavor coach who can get you out of your flavor funk. No, he’s not some fancy craft cocktail showman – he’s just a good guy with a great demeanor and an even better taste in beer. He’s not here to teach you flavor, he’s here to remind you how to bring it.

Guy Beer helps you reach back inside yourself and find the flavor that so many of us have lost. Sometimes he provides tough love and a little bit of edge, but he knows just the right amount to get you to where you need to be.


Meet Mark Before and After
Meet Mark. His dating game was lame...

32 Years Old, Buffalo, NY

Meet Mark. He simply forgot how to date, but all he needed was a little help from Guy. He just needed a reminder on how to bring the flavor in his life.

Man. It’s been a year. I went from 2 dates a night that always ended by closing down the bar with all my buddies and my favorite IPA, to now a total funk. Ok I might have lied, it wasn’t 2 dates a night, but it wasn’t this bad. Now the only thing I’m closing down is that Netflix screen that says “are you still watching,” with drool running down my face. I told myself enough is enough - I absolutely have got to get back out there but I can barely muster enough energy to swipe my thumb to unlock my phone, let alone unlock true love. It’s almost like… I lost it… or forgot it.

But then… I met Guy. Guy Beer, my Flavor Coach! He helped me reach back within me and bring back that guy the people have always loved and friends have always trusted for a good time. I’ve got my swagger back. My flavor. I’ve always had it. I just forgot it.

Now, I’m back in the dating game and hitting the bar with my friends, crushing Nu Haze IPA until we shut it down. I’m all the way back! And thanks to Guy Beer, I’m here to Bring the Flavor.

Meet Jessica
Meet Jessica. Like so many of us she returned to the office and wasn't her usual self.

30 Years Old, Pittsburgh, PA

She went from being the life of the office to in a total funk. That all changed when Guy Beer's program gave her the tough love she needed to break through!

After months of waiting the day finally came… I returned to the office. For over a year, I have been wearing sweatpants and my hair up in a bun. I went from seeing my coworkers everyday to only seeing them when the meeting was mandated “cameras on.” Since I’ve returned to the office, I’ve been in a funk. I used to be the life of the office, full of energy and always on my A game. I was someone you always wanted to run into and could always count on for a good conversation, but now my go to conversation is either the weather or the weekend. I’m better than this, but it’s almost like I forgot how to be myself.

That is until I met my Flavor Coach, Guy Beer. He gave me the tough love I needed and got me back on track. I didn’t lose my flavor I just forgot how to bring it! Now, I’m back to being the life of the office, the one everyone wants to see at the watercooler. My energy is back and I’m ready to take on the professional world again. Thanks to Guy, I’m here to Bring the Flavor.


Words of Wisdom


#092 - Don’t celebrate an empty netter

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